Why Container Homes & Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive. Have more? Contact us.
Are shipping containers used for shipping cargo?

Yes, and they are also an innovative cost-effective alternative to traditional building materials, and a wise choice for those looking to reduce their ecological footprint.

Sounds nice, what’s the price?

We’re glad you asked! The affordability of container buildings is one of the main reasons companies and homeowners alike are choosing them. A review of nationally published construction averages shows that containers can replace between 26%-48% of overall construction expenses.

Will a container building deter my customers/guests?

We have found that the unfinished container can make for a unique home or business; however, there are several facades that can be applied to the building that are used in traditional construction. Brick, stucco, limestone, shingles, brownstone and aluminum siding are all options.

How tall can my container building be?

Container buildings can stack upwards of 9 containers high. We can also work with you in order to deliver a desired story count. (note that cost considerations and code compliance will have to be examined).

Will my container building be able to handle Mother Nature?

Absolutely! Successful buildings have already been constructed in a variety of climates ranging from Panamanian summers to the cold temperatures of Ontario, Canada. Furthermore, there are several insulating options for your building such as spray foam, panels, and ceramic paint to name a few. These technologies provide suitable heat and cold protection.

I’m still not convinced, why are people building these things?

The two most obvious answers are costs and eco-friendliness. Shipping container construction is also getting favorable coverage across the world. Why not build with abundant material resources without compromising on design quality? Container buildings come with a myriad of marketing benefits as well as the satisfaction of constructing a quality building while conserving our planet’s depleting natural resources.

I’m not ready to buy a new home, are there opportunities to invest?

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