A Tiny Home Movement Is Coming To A City Near You!

One of the most common challenges for city homeowners is finding land, however, tiny homes can be customized living space for your own needs.

This exciting movement is much more than just a seasonal fad and is here to stay. People are starting to use these spaces creatively as they’re being used as offices, airbnbs, and sheds.

In addition to affordability, these container homes are environmentally sustainable too! This allows you to still have a traditional home feel that doesn’t limit you to traditional building materials.

As an alternative, shipping containers are becoming a popular alternative as a housing structure. Currently, only 6 out of 17 million shipping containers are actively being used worldwide, but by repurposing a container it allows for the carbon footprint to be reduced.

Additional eco-friendly initiatives can be taken by including solar panels, rain tanks, and other eco-friendly products in the custom design.

While affordability and sustainability are equally important so is the construction process; one of the benefits of a container home is that they’re built in a short amount of time. Container homes reduce labor costs and can be completed from start to finish within 90 days.

This new wave of modern construction is the future of the real estate
and is already making an impact within the DC Metro area.

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